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Zenful Life Coaching is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach Marnie Dachis Marmet blogs on topics including (but not limited to): nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, wellness, mindfulness, yoga, teens issues and self-c

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How to Follow Your True Passion
Each of us was given one and only one finite life to live, and because of that, the time we have is a precious gift. One of the ways to make the most of that gift is to spend our time doing things that align with our passions.

Easier said than done, right?

So many times, we succumb to the desire to stagnate and stay the same. Avoiding change feels safe and comfortable. We avoid asking ourselves whether the things we’re doing still align with our soul, and in doing so, we don’t live the life we are truly meant to live.

Instead, what if you asked yourself the hard questions? Is this job still right for me? Does that relationship still serve me? Am I still happy doing ____? And, in addition to asking yourself those questions, what if you ACTUALLY ANSWERED THEM…..HONESTLY?

Terrifying, right?

Second, what if we abandoned the notion that life is black and white? You either work at a traditional job OR you’re an entrepreneur. You either inhabit a cubical, OR you pursue your passion project.

What if that “or” was an “and?”

What if you lived in the grey area where you get to experiment, try new things, see if they grow, adjust when necessary, and fill your soul up with the stuff that it absolutely craves?

This week, you’re going to meet Marnie Marmet. You’ll learn about the meandering path her life has taken, all because she had the courage to ask herself tough questions and be honest about the answers.

Part of that honesty was driven by the urgency for life she experienced after supporting her mom when she had cancer.

She has now turned that passion into the next chapter of her career with Zenful Life Coaching and her entry into the world of writing by embarking on her first book.

I can’t wait for you to be inspired by Marnie’s incredible story!