Are you making sleep a priority? Do you wake-up tired? 5 simple tips for a more restful night


Are you making sleep a priority? Do you wake-up tired? 5 simple tips for a more restful night

Are you one of those people that pop out of bed in the morning or do you feel low-energy and sluggish? Do you wake-up during the night or have trouble falling asleep? Do you make sleep a priority in your life?

So many people do not and sleep is so incredibly important in everyone’s overall health and well-being. 7-9 hours each night is the ideal amount of sleep that adults should strive for. Maybe you can function on less sleep, but the question is are you performing at your peak level or just getting by?

There are so many reasons why a solid night’s sleep will improve your daily life. Here are a few:

• Your mind and body will be sharp and focused

     • You will have more will-power to make healthy food choices instead of reaching for processed foods,
       sugar and caffeine

     • You will be motivated to workout

     • Sleep reduces stress. When you are sleep-deprived, your body goes into a state of stress

     • The body repairs itself while you are sleeping.

To improve your sleep, aim to keep your sleep hours the same everyday – or within about 30 minutes. Ideal hours would be 10 PM – 6 AM. Once you are on a consistent schedule, your body will naturally fall asleep and wake-up on schedule. This usually takes about 2-3 weeks to happen.

Here are a few other helpful sleep tips:

     • Stop eating 2-3 hours before you plan to go to bed.  This way your body can focus on repair
        instead of using its energy for digestion. If it is hard to be in the kitchen, try to go into a different
        room for your remaining wake hours.

     • Set-up your bedroom for sleep. Make your room pitch black, keep the temperature cool and       
        consider using a noise machine to block out outside noises. Also make sure that your bedding is
        breathable and not made from synthetic materials that will make you hot.

     • Avoid electronics in the bedroom. I know this is hard for so many – including me. Try to turn off 
       your electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. Instead, try some relaxing activities such as           
       stretching, reading, an Epsom salt bath or any other activity you find relaxing.

     • If you suffer from your mind racing, keep a journal and a to-do list. Write everything down that is 
       weighing on you or is on your mind so you don’t have to think about it while you are trying to fall

      • Avoid napping

If you have tried all of these suggestions and you are still having trouble, I recommend some natural sleep supplements.

Contact me to discuss your specific deep sleep protocol.

Happy Dreaming!  


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